May 28, 2018

Clear windows DNS cache

Windows sometimes has a mind of its own when it comes to DNS. To clear the windows DNS cache when you have issues do the following. Open cmd or powershell as administrator. Run ipconfig /flushdns

July 19, 2017

WSUS is not setup and forget

Windows Software Update Services provides a way for Windows sysadmins to control the distribution of updates to windows computers. It also helps to save a lot of bandwidth if you don’t have a superfast internet connection. Unfortunately many think that it is easy to setup and maintain. On newer version of Windows Server it is easy to setup but it needs a lot of care and feeding. I you want to run WSUS you will have to run the “Server Cleanup Wizard” at least once a month, or run Invoke-WSUSCleanup in a scheduled task. Read more

June 1, 2016

DIY - Buy the best tools you can afford

Building up a decent toolkit doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Rather than buying cheap poor quality tools that won’t last, try looking out for second hand options if you are short on cash. Good quality tools make you job easier and older, quality tools from the second hand shop will last much longer than new low quality tools.

May 25, 2016

Tech - Free OCR from Google

If you need to get the text from a scanned PDF or Image file you can use the free Optical Character Recognition (OCR) provided by google drive. Learn more at Google Help

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